Serendipity - Susan Blake - Cello 

5th and 6th September 2015

Saint Columba's Church Woollahra

Cnr Ocean and Forth Streets, Woollahra

St Francis of Assisi Church

436 Oxford Street, Paddington

The Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra (WPO) is a community run ensemble, established in 1996.
Our mission: to bring musical enrichment to the community, providing a professional attitude towards innovative and enjoyable concerts.
With around 50 playing members, we perform a regular program of four concerts a year and often feature nationally and internationally acclaimed guest soloists, as well as local musicians.
The Orchestra also has a strong program of chamber groups and smaller ensembles. The WPO is supported by Woollahra Municipal Council. Supported through the Woollahra Council Community and Cultural Grants Program    
 The Woollahra Philharmonic  Orchestra has been awarded the Highly Commended for Most Innovative Cultural/Arts Initiative for our outstanding contribution to our community award from Woollahra Council on 27 March 2014. This is a significant miles stone in the WPO’s history and it is one we share 100% not only amongst ourselves, but with our family and friends who support us, encourage us and motivate us to strive for higher and higher standards; and we share it with our audience without whom, this would never be realised. Of course, special thanks to Anthony Clarke for his remarkable leadership and inspiration, Madeline Procopio for transforming our strings and helping us realise our potential, the committee (Judy Farr-Jones, Catherine Loonam, Stevie Whitmont, Laurie Liskowski), Brian Jago (and all the team at St Columba) for his unconditional support and provision of the stunning and ever transforming rehearsal and concert space), Bruce Bland, for his ongoing commitment and dedication to the WPO (and for nominating us!!) and all the other volunteers who support us in oh, so many ways.